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03/09/2017 - I now have an Instagram. You can follow me @enchantedviolin

10/04/2017 - The Strumpet 5: Origins is ready to preorder! Preordering means you can get your copy first and with loads of cool extras you won't be able to get when it hits the shops:

12/01/2017 - Happy New Year! I've uploaded a sample panel of my new short comic Starfish which will be published in The Strumpet volume 5 'Origins' in March-ish. Check it out here and keep checking back for more information on how you can get yourself a copy!

I've also started work on my first full length graphic novel, Deeper and Deeper. I'll be creating a specially dedicated area of the website where you'll be able to view art and other cool stuff but if you can't wait till then or want to see my creative process in deeper detail you can view all the art, sketches and more on my tumblr under #deeper and deeper. The story deals with some adult themes so sometimes the art will be NSFW.

09/11/2016 - Well today's been one, huh? How about forgetting your worries by reading Bake Her a Cake in the short comic section. Info on a new short comic and that short film I spoke about so long ago will follow in the next couple of months. Yay!

04/05/2016 - Has it been over a year? Sincerest apologies. Life got deep with dreaded 'life experience' and working on long projects that have to be kept hush hush. To make up for it I've added TWO free short comics to my short comic section. The first is Dominos, which appears in volume 4 of The Strumpet. The second is a full colour family friendly comic about a ghost girl called Jen, her monster pal called Sponge and their crazy bakery delivery job.

01/03/2015 - Haven't seen any new short films written by me for a while? Keep checking back for some juicy hints!

27/01/2015 - Miss the chance to pre-order The Strumpet? Well now you can buy it online here.


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