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28/01/2020 - Happy New Year! I now have a YouTube channel <3

21/07/2019 - It's official! Companions now has a Patreon! Tiers start at $1 a month.

21/06/2019 - Check out my latest comic, Companions.

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world where surviving isn’t a fight but an exploration of what it means to be content. The world hasn’t fallen into the hands of ruthless gangs but is vast expanses of abandoned, overgrown, pastel beauty scantly peppered with thoughtful and independent humans and their cheerful, loyal and above all adorable AIs otherwise known as Companions. We explore this world through the eyes of human, Plum and her Companion, Lotte as they adapt to this new world and learn about Plum’s mother from a diary she wrote from before the war.

Available online for free on WEBTOONS and Tapas.

You can buy cool related merchandise on Redbubble and Threadless.

01/03/2018 - I've started publishing a comic on Tapas. Brighter and Brighter, a totally free, shortish, online comic about recovering from abuse and a guide on how to be a bit kinder to yourself. Written to accompany my other graphic novel (in progress) Deeper and Deeper. Updates once a week. Available in two online formats: MOBILE and BOOK. All subscriptions would be gratefully received.

11/01/2018 - Happy New Year! I have a Ko-Fi now so that if you like the work I create you can tip me the money for a coffee. I also now have a Threadless and a Red Bubble so that if you like my designs you can buy them on things! I'm most active on Instagram at the moment (all the pornbots on tumblr are stressing me out) so check in there for all my latest designs!

22/11/2017 - On 28th November I'll be at the Strumpet 5 London launch at Coffee, Cake and Kisses. Come and say hi!


05/11/2017 - New comic My Friend Roscoe about Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle, the Virginia Rappe Affair and best friend Buster Keaton has been added to the short comic section.

03/09/2017 - I now have an Instagram. You can follow me @enchantedviolin

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