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09/11/2016 - Well today's been one, huh? How about forgetting your worries by reading Bake Her a Cake in the short comic section. Info on a new short comic and that short film I spoke about so long ago will follow in the next couple of months. Yay!

04/05/2016 - Has it been over a year? Sincerest apologies. Life got deep with dreaded 'life experience' and working on long projects that have to be kept hush hush. To make up for it I've added TWO free short comics to my short comic section. The first is Dominos, which appears in volume 4 of The Strumpet. The second is a full colour family friendly comic about a ghost girl called Jen, her monster pal called Sponge and their crazy bakery delivery job.

01/03/2015 - Haven't seen any new short films written by me for a while? Keep checking back for some juicy hints!

27/01/2015 - Miss the chance to pre-order The Strumpet? Well now you can buy it online here.

24/11/2014 - Pre-order The Strumpet volume 4 the BFF / Friendship edition to get limited edition cool stuff! I'm in it and will love you forever! Much better artists are in it too ;)

23/11/2014 - I've uploaded another Jen and Sponge piece to the concept art section.

31/10/2014 - I've just uploaded a bunch of designs for my latest project Jen and Sponge. Check them out in the concept art section!

17/10/2014 - My short comic Did You Hear About Louie Miller? has been added to the short comic section.

02/10/2014 - I've added my black and white / noir Batman fan comic Pinstripes to my short comic section. It features the Riddler and is a thoughtful look at the life of a Gotham resident - in this case a female tailor.

28/09/2014 - It gives me great pleasure to reveal that my short comic Dominos will be appearing in volume four of The Strumpet - the BFF issue. If you haven't already you can sneak a peek of the six page story in my short comic section and learn more about The Strumpet at Strumpet HQ. Updates on how you can get your hands on a copy to follow!

15/09/2014 - Along with the two original short graphic stories I'm waiting to share with you I have started a short Batman fan comic. You call follow its progress on my tumblr and when I've completed it I'll add it here. In the mean time please enjoy the new Riddler fan art I've added to my Batman gallery!

29/08/2014 - I've two short graphic stories that I can't wait to share with you! It's all a little hush hush right now so until I can share more with you please check out a preview of Dominos in my short comic section.

15/05/2014 - Check out Pavillion Photography London's amazing photos from Pegs Off! and read more about my latest short story The Great White Hunter in my short story section.

07/04/2014 - Pegs Off! is completely sold out. Well done if you managed to get a ticket. I can't wait to see you there!

Today I also discovered that the NFTS short film I wrote for Jamie Stone has now been used for the video for Amber Run's 2014 single Spark. Enjoy.

Finally, my short comic Pest! is now online to read. Please enjoy!

30/03/2014 - I finally broke and got a tumblr: http://enchantedviolin.tumblr.com

21/03/2014 - As promised, information on how you can see the performance of my short story / monologue The Great White Hunter as part of Pegs Off! along with three other cool performances by three other cool people!

26/02/2014 - Art for my project Swear Forever has been added to the concept art gallery.

04/02/2014 - I'll be having a piece performed as part of Three Pegs Production's first ever Pegs Off! Showcase. Check back soon for more details on what the piece will be and how you can attend. I hope you'll enjoy it! I enjoyed writing it!

20/01/2014 - Happy New Year! I have lots to share with you in 2014 and can't wait to get started. The first half of the year I may be a little less active than normal as I work on a feature project for a lovely new director. HINT: fans of Asian drama should love it! Also keep your eyes open for at least one new short story, two short graphic stories and possibly a new short film. I also hope that once feature writing settles into a rhythm I'll be able to get the blog running again as I have so much to share with you. Thanks for all your support! xxx

23/12/2013 - Please enjoy the best of my photos from my visit to Japan this year and also please vote, comment and give them lots of WOWs at the Wow Japan Photo Contest. I'll love you forever.

22/12/2013 - Super special Christmas treat! You can now buy The Strumpet volume 3 'Tasty' online!

Thank you for all the support and see you in the New Year! xxx

18/11/2013 - You can now see photos of me at Anthologize in the extras section.

02/11/2013 - Check out my article about British and Japanese folklore for the Manchester Medieval Society. Go on. Go on go on go on...

24/10/2013 - Come to The Strumpet's launch party as part of Anthologize and the Comica Festival! Find all the details HERE!

28/09/2013 - A milestone has been reached! I am going to have my first short graphic story, Pest! published in volume three of The Strumpet. Check out a preview here and pre-order a copy (plus other goodies) via Kickstarter:

05/09/2013 - My fantasy detective romantic comedy (boy what a mouthful lol) Paradise is a quarter finalist at the Screenwriting Goldmine competition. That means I won a mug! Take a look at the list of other mug winners here.

04/08/2013 - I've redesigned my writing and art sections in honour of the addition of my new short comic The Undefeated.

22/07/2013 - Impossible Spaces is now available to buy and download. Find out all the places you can buy it here! Please buy, rate, review and share!

16/07/2013 - Impossible Spaces book trailer!

24/06/2013 - The Impossible Spaces launch party will be held on the 19th of July (which is also when the book launches) in Manchester! It's free to attend. There will be readings (including one by me and one by Ramsey Campbell), competitions and free booze.

18/06/2013 - I've updated the art section and even more exciting added a short story section where you can read an excerpt from I'd Lock it with a Zipper as well as find out how to buy Impossible Spaces!

02/06/2013 - Check out the finalised cover for Impossible Spaces plus the release date here!

17/04/2013 - Some of the Impossible Spaces writers will be doing readings at the 2013 Prestwick Book Festival. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend however it would be great if you could support the writers who will be. It'll be lots of fun, promise!

05/03/2013 - My illustration for BlackBerry's Keep Moving Neil Gaiman calendar has been added to both their gallery and mine! As they say in Supermarket Sweep...ch-ch-check it out!

30/01/2013 - I will have a short story appearing in the latest collection by Hic Dragones, Impossible Spaces. Expect more updates to follow :)

16/01/2013 - Great news! Rail will be appearing at the ITFS (Trixi Stuttgart Animation Festival). If you attend I'd love to hear how you liked it!

10/01/2013 - Happy New Year! Let's celebrate with a new video from zuboxTV.

23/11/2012 - Rail is currently screening at Virgin Atlantic's new Newark Clubhouse - check it out if you're flying through! You can read more about the clubhouse experience here.

22/11/2012 - Changed the font to make everything a bit more professional / friendly / modern.

04/11/2012 - My short graphic story 'Arathael' has been added to the art section. Please enjoy and let me know what you think via twitter or my blog!

30/10/2012 - Happy early Halloween! Perhaps you'll enjoy my first film for Zubox.tv 'No Rest for the Wicked'.

06/10/2012 - Rail has won the Audience Choice Award at the Canterbury Anifest. Thank you if you voted for us!

04/10/2012 - My graduation script, The Automated Heart has made the quarter finals of the Screenwriting Goldmine competition. It makes all the hard work and rejections a little more worth it :)

01/08/2012 - The video streaming had gone funny so I've changed the player and host - hopefully all the short films should play now. Please let me know if you still have trouble!

17/07/2012 - I've been added to IMDb so check me out lol - at the moment only Rail is on there but let's hope it grows fast!

17/05/2012 - I've finally got round to writing a blog - please follow and comment - I really like hearing from you guys!

Rail will make its world premiere at the 2012 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival! Also check out Rail's official website for stills and the trailer.

27/04/2012 - Concept art for The Automated Heart has been added to the art section!

29/03/2012 - Hello to those of you visiting after attending the NFTS screenwriting showcase! I hope you enjoyed the afternoon and will also enjoy your visit here! I would love to hear from you.

Also hello to anyone just surfing through - you are also all very cool ;)

02/03/2012 - I officially graduated today with an MA in Screenwriting from the NFTS! Woo! So I am now officially an unemployed screenwriter...please employ me!

29/02/2012 - I have illustrated The Riddler Song! Watch the video in the extras section!

25/01/2012 - Some people were having problems streaming 'It Always Comes Back to Heath Ledger' so I have added an alternate .mp4 version. This version will download onto your computer rather than stream via this website.

23/01/2012 - Happy belated New Year! I have an epic treat for you guys! Visit the work section and view two of my short films, 'It Always Comes Back to Heath Ledger' and 'Valerie and Gemma'.

13/12/2011 - Merry Christmas! As a treat I have added the script to 'It Always Comes Back to Heath Ledger' to the website. Please enjoy :-)

22/11/2011 - I've started to get nervous about pitching so to de-stress I drew a picture of The Riddler which you can now find in the art section!

13/11/2011 - I've added tweet buttons on each piece of art so you can share the ones you like with your twitter followers.

09/11/2011 - The biography page has been added (complete with embarrassing photos).

My favourites of my Batman art have also been added to the art section. Please enjoy ^_^

06/11/2011 - I'm finally revamping my website - so watch this space!

I'm still considering getting a blog so that I can easily share my writing news with you (just editing this melted my brain). Let me know your opinion on twitter! @enchantedviolin