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RAIL | Animation, 10 min 10 seconds, d. Jack Tilley, p. Ajay Rai, NFTS 2012 |

  • 2013 ITFS (Trixi Stuttgart Animation Festival) Official Selection
  • 2012 Busho (Budapest Short Film Festival) Official Selection
  • 2012 Canterbury Anifest Audience Choice Winner
  • 2012 Film Leben Festival Official Selection
  • 2012 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival Official Selection
  • Screening at the Virgin Atlantic Newark Clubhouse

A proud old train driver puts his life on hold to look after his adopted granddaughter. She has barely been beyond the rusted train they live on to care for him. All this changes when the city they live by expands right into their existence.





IT ALWAYS COMES BACK TO HEATH LEDGER | Television monologue, 6 min, d. Aniello De Santi, NFTS 2010

A comic book shop assistant recounts his funny, bittersweet encounters with members of the opposite sex and how they always seem to come back to Heath Ledger. Starring Scott Westwood. No copyright infringement intended! (Yes, we totally did use a first edition Killing Joke as a prop!)

Yes that is a 1st edition Killing Joke She kissed me It always comes back to Heath Ledger


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FAR REMOVED / SPARK | Short film, 10 min, d. Jamie Stone, p. Sarah Senior, NFTS 2010

A young boy, angry at his parents for being made to move house, builds a cardboard box robot and together they journey to his old house only to learn that things change, whether you want them to or not.

Now a music video for Amber Run's 2014 single Spark.




VALERIE AND GEMMA | Short film, 7 min, d. Rachel Yelding, NFTS 2010

The highs and lows of a husband midway through transitioning to become a woman and the moment a devoted wife realises that her husband will never again be the man she married. Starring Sadie Shimmin and Mark Inscoe.

I should get an extender
I want to be a lady, like you
You're an angel



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